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Web sites in Philosophy

  • Voice of the Shuttle: philosophy Links to sites about modern philosophical movements, philosophical fields, and other philosophy resources. Fully searchable. From the University of California/Santa Barbara.
  • PhilWeb Orgnized into three broad sections:the history of philosophy, divided into several periods (e.g. the Early Modern);  philosophy in different regions (e.g. the Caribbean); and  main topics, problems or issues (e.g. the self) which thinkers have addressed.  Links to full text articles, online journals, associations, etc.
  • Philosophy Research Base A meta-site with links to general and subject specific philosophy sites, all with good annotations, by a philosophy professor at Villanova.
  • African Philosophy Resources Readings, websites, course syllabi on a wide range of topics from a professor at the University of Central Florida.
  • Everything Postmodern A useful clearinghouse of links maintained by a graduate student at Arizona State.
  • Zeno's Coffeehouse Philosophical puzzles, lots of fun with logic.

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