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Film Studies

Film Reviews 1980 - present

Earlier Film Reviews


Filmographies can be hard to locate. Some are given the subject heading "Catalogs," for example:

  • Motion pictures--Catalogs
  • Motion pictures--India--Catalogs
  • African Americans in motion pictures--Catalogs
  • Gangster films--Catalogs

However, some filmographies are part of a book, not the whole book. So it's a good idea to try Keyword searches like these:

  • "film noir" catalogs
  • "motion pictures" finland catalogs
  • "welles orson" filmography
  • women "motion pictures" filmography

Be aware that Keyword searches are a bit hit or miss, since they might not find some resources and they may produce some irrelevant results.  But they are always worth a try.

British Film Institute and the American Film Insitute have some very selective filmographies on their websites that can be helpfu.

And the Library of Congress genre headings  for motion pictures are a very inclusive place to search.