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The Movement LibGuide: Self-Education & Self-Preservation at Hampshire

BLM Protest

Image of an illuminated sign over a highway, reading "Black Lives Matter"

Image by Joe Brusky, used under Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0.

POC Solidarity

"Brown and Proud Press is a collective of people of color with a myriad of identities. Currently, we are queer chicanxs, working-class hard femmes, mixed, intersex, brown, and gender non-conforming latinxs. We write to resist. We disclose to survive. We share our personal narratives and experiences as a mode of collective healing."

Read the Zine Here

"Moonroot is a creative collective of womyn, trans, and genderqueer folks of Asian and Pacific Islander descent, living and loving in diaspora. We are an evolving experiment in building loving, radical community across social and geographic borders that began in 2011. Rooted in a deep desire to resist isolation and invisibility, we are committed to enacting creative possibilities that move all of us towards healing, wholeness and self-determination."

Read the Zine Here