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The Movement LibGuide: Self-Education & Self-Preservation at Hampshire

Dis-Orientation Packet

Cover of the Hampshire Disorientation Packet

The Hampshire Dis-Orientation Packet was created in the summer of 2007 by graduating students interested in documenting their perceptions regarding issues of race and diversity on campus. It was updated in the summer of 2011 by Ria Sen 07F and JD Stokely 07F.

The packet includes a timeline of student, faculty and staff activism, protests, policy changes, and foundational moments at Hampshire.

Access the Dis-Orientation Packet here

From the Hampshire College Archives

These resources from the College Archives provide insight into the history of student protests against racism at Hampshire, as well as past efforts by the college to address racism on campus. 
Final Report of the Hampshire College Committee on Racism (1978)Formed in response to a cross-burning incident on campus, the Committee on Racism, chaired by faculty member Frank Holmquist, compiled data and surveyed opinions to produce wide-ranging recommendations on combating racism at Hampshire.  
Final Report of the Holmquist Report Review Committee (1983)Five years after the Holmquist Report, this Review Committee was convened to examine and report on progress in implementing the recommendations of the original Committee on Racism.

A Documentary History of Hampshire College, Vol. 3: 1985-1995
Chapter 8: Student ProtestsChapter 9: Increasing Diversity

A Documentary History of Hampshire College, Vol. 4: 1995-2005