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Therapeutic Writing

Check out the research behind the healing qualities of writing, and try it out for yourself.


writing makes a flower grow, deleting makes it fall.

The Field

Why Writing?
Artistic ventures are a platform in which insecurities are often illuminated. Just like many people say they're no artist, many would also say they're no writer, not really. Trying something new that makes you uncomfortable can spotlight why you might lack confidence taking positive risks and developing new skills. This makes writing an ideal vehicle for examining unhelpful beliefs about the self and the world. With writing, you can set goals, work through the past and cultivate a positive future. All from the comfort of your favorite place, alone, with a loved one, or with a trained professional.

The more you hone the skill of writing without judgment, the easier it may be to think without judgment, and become more confident and comfortable facing some unresolved issues that can gnaw away at you, often leading to depression, anxiety, and other psychological disabilities. 

Research suggests time and time again that the process of writing about a trauma consecutive days in a row initially leads to increased discomfort, but ultimately results in decreased symptoms for a wide array of diseases from arthritis to anxiety. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the subject material, research linked in this guide contains many common triggers while illustrating case studies, and contains no trigger warnings. Decide if you are ready to do this work, develop a self care plan, work with professionals if you can/want to, and take breaks. Consult the author of this libguide for a non-clinical, in-person consultation to find reading material that works for you.