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Mathematics and Multiple Cultural Perspectives

Having trouble connecting mathematics and STEM to your MCP requirement? This is the guide for you!


Many researchers connect mathematics to issues of race and power. Below are a sampling of some of those researchers and their work.

Bob Moses

Dr. Bob Moses, an activist and educator, created the Algebra Project- which uses mathematics as an organizing tool with the goal of equalizing public school education.

Ezekiel Dixon-Román, PhD

From Bio:

Dr. Dixon-Román’s research rethinks and reconceptualizes the technologies of quantification from a critical theoretical lens (broadly conceived). He’s particularly interested in how power and inequality are reproduced, especially in human learning and development, and the ways in which sociotechnical systems of quantification are working on, with, and in the body to generatively form and shape the movement and flow of power, difference, and inequality. At the same time, he’s deeply interested in philosophically and methodologically developing alternative modes of inquiry and practices of quantification that might enable the potentialities of reconstituting sociopolitical relations and the movement and flow of social life.

Rochelle Gutierrez

Rochelle Gutierrez connects issues of race and power to mathematics education.

David Stinson

David Stinson explores identity and mathematics education, mainly in theory.