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Quantitative Resource Center's Math and Coding Toolbox

Use this guide to see what online tools we recommend to learn quantitative topics.

Online Calculators and Graphers


Plot data, graph functions, and evaluate data

Wolfram Alpha

A search engine for computations: gives answers to factual questions, rather than a list of webpages and links. Try searching an equation, a type of function, or even a person.

Koval's 3D Grapher

Based in HTML and JavaScript, input an equation.


A tool to perform many types of computations, functions, graphing, and matrices.

Group Explorer

A program designed to help visualize the structure of finite groups


Open Source Languages


Free programming software for statistical computing and graphics. Useful for statistical data analysis. 


An object-oriented program, and one of the most influential. According to, Java:

  • Is object-oriented.
  • Allows us to create various modular programs and reusable code.
  • It is easily ported.
  • Is platform-independent.
  • Easy to write, compile and debug.


General purpose programming language, well used at Hamphshire.