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Formatting Publications

Why PDF?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a standardized document format that can be opened and accessed across a variety of computer platforms (hardware) and computer programs (software). It is a common, easy to export format, useful for printing, final copy submission, and sharing of uneditable texts. PDFs can also be edited and navigated specifically according to accessibility needs, with intuitive text magnification, and programs like Kurzweil and other screen readers adept at processing PDF text. PDF is also a common format that Hampshire students use to create portfolios for their professors.

Combining and Splicing PDFs

How to merge multiple PDFs into a single document:

Using PDF readers

Using PDFBinder (Windows Only)

In Adobe Acrobat

How to link

Splitting, Merging, Reordering

More Splitting

Free sites for merging and splitting PDFs: