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Knowledge Commons

What do we help with?

Librarians are here to help with all aspects of research, from thinking about topics, planning a strategy for answering research questions, deciding what information is needed for a specific purpose, helping to find and evaluate information both from libraries, online, and first-hand (such as via interview, data collection, fieldwork, etc.). We can also help with staying organized throughout the process so that you can use the information effectively and ethically in the way that you write your paper and cite sources as you go. We have a solid awareness of the different types of information out there and where it can be found (digital image archives? government documents? legal briefs? randomized-controlled trials?). We can help you sort out what you need and how to find it, both online and via physical materials and subscription databases available to you for free as a Hampshire College student. Each librarian has a somewhat different subject focus and we serve as liaisons to faculty and students affiliated with the 5 schools (IA, HACU, CSI, CS, NS).

The Knowledge Commons Research/Tech Peer Mentor is a current student who has been trained by librarians and technologists to be a great starting point for questions about research & technology. The Peer Mentor knows how to help use the library website & many of our subscription resources, has an awareness of the kinds of questions often asked by students, and knows where to point students across the constellation of academic support programs within and beyond the Knowledge Commons. Peer mentors generally work in the evenings, when librarians are not here.

Getting help with your research & technology questions

Fall 2019


  • Research & Technology Fellow Ida Kao will have hours in the KC on Sundays 5:00-8:00pm, Mondays & Wednesdays 5:00-7:00pm. You can email her ahead of time, or just stop by!
  • Librarians & Library Staff are available at the Library InfoBar for drop-in hours from M-F, 2:30-5:00pm

Or, to meet with a specific Subject Librarian, College Archivist, or Instructional Technologist, it's best to make an appointment by email:

  • Rachel Beckwith (IA & HACU)
  • Robin Nolasco (CSI)
  • Amedeo DeCara (CS & NS)
  • Jes Neal (Archives)
  • Gaby Richard-Harrington (Moodle, Wordpress ePortfolios, Kurzweil, etc.)

If you're not sure who to ask, or for general questions, email

For general technology help: email