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Plugging Into B7: Recording Instruments in B7 Finishing Suite

Learn how to use the Behringer UMC audio interface to plug in instruments and microphones for recording B7!

Powering On

Turn on the Furman (to the right) by switching the big red button on all the way to the right. Now the rest of the machines will be turned on (except for the computer it it is not already on). 


You should not turn on the switch all the way to the left on the Furman as that turns on the rack lights that you can pull out (it will burn out the bulbs, and only one bulb works). If you notice it on, please turn it off, thank you!


OFF                                                                                                                            ON     

The Receiver Amp

The receiver amp (to the left) should now be able to turn on (Press power if it is not already on). Press UMC1820 to switch to the Behringer audio interface.

Press the Mac Digital button to switch back to the digital output.