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Presentation Guide

A resource guide introducing rudimentary strategies, tools, and resources for academic presentations.

Intro to Presentations at Hampshire

During their time at Hampshire, students are often expected to give many presentations associated with their academic work. Different kinds of presentations students may give include:

  • In-class presentations on specific coursework, including readings and final projects.
  • Proposals for grants and scholarships.
  • Presentations as a part of CEL-2, student group activities, or student activism.
  • Presentations as a part of, or as the culmination of, Division III projects.
  • Presentations of student research at academic conferences.

Regardless of the context, Hampshire community members have a wide variety of presentation resources available at their disposal.

First Stop: The Transformative Speaking Program

Hampshire community members looking for help with presentations should first turn to Hampshire's Transformative Speaking Program (TSP). The Transformative Speaking Program is a presentation, public speaking, and community dialog help organization based out of the Knowledge Commons. TSP "supports a vibrant staff of peer mentors who meet individually and in groups with fellow students across campus to work on a variety of speaking projects and goals such as building confidence to participate in class discussion, preparing to deliver a class presentation, learning to speak assertively while negotiating identity politics, and more." Community members looking for in-person, specialized help with presentations should contact the program via one of several options:

This Resource Guide

The purpose of this resource guide is to serve as a collection of lists of print and electronic resources, short tutorials, and directions to more comprehensive resources for presentation and public speaking. This guide is partially inspired by the presentation resource guides of University of Toledo Libraries, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Kent State University.

Digital Presentation Tools

Most modern student presentations entail some kind of electronic visual display, media, or interactive component. This box is a collection of programs and software tools of this nature.

Basic Presentation Software

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 
    Basic presentation software from Microsoft Office. Available free for Hampshire Students and faculty via Office 365 for Education, and also on all Hampshire Library computers.
    • pptPlex