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Google Drive Toolbox

Welcome to the Hampshire Student Google Drive Resource Guide!

As a Hampshire student, you have access to a Google Drive with unlimited storage through your Hampshire-affiliated email account -- so why should you use it?

In addition to unlimited storage, easy collaboration with other Hampshire-affiliated accounts, large file transfers, and other practical things, Google Drive offers a huge toolbox for supporting and organizing the research- and writing-intensive work being a Hampshire student. This Resource Guide will walk you through some of the interesting and effective tools that Google Drive has to offer your work process:

Doing Research with Google Drive

Organizing Projects and Work

Writing Papers in Google Drive


Helpful Links

Learn more about what you can do with your Hampshire Google Account, and how to set your account up.

Questions about how your Google Drive works? Check out the Google Apps at Hampshire: FAQ.

Check out these tips for sharing files and folders with the Google Drive.

Look into transferring your Google Drive to a new Google account when you graduate to make sure your content is backed up. Your Google Drive while continue to exist while you are a student, and will not automatically delete when you graduate. However, it is not guaranteed that your Google Drive's contents will be backed up forever after you graduate.