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Google Drive Toolbox

How can Google Drive help you organize and keep track of projects?

Doing academic work at Hampshire can sometimes lead to juggling a lot of large (often complicated) projects at the same time. Organizing your work with Google Drive allows you to have all your work in one place, and offers a variety of tools to help you keep track of all the different moving parts of your projects. Whether you are organizing by semester in preparation for putting together your Division II portfolio, or trying to keep track of all of the different drafts of a final paper, check out these tools for organizing your work:

  • Color Coding and Organizing Folders
  • Creating Search Terms
  • Team Drives

Color Coding and Organizing Folders

For those who are more visual, sometimes color-coding is more helpful in organizing and keeping track of documents than file names. You can color code different folders to within your Drive by semester, project, or other mechanisms that are helpful to you. You can also star folders or files that you access often in order to centralize things that you don't want to go digging for. Check out these tips and guides for organizing folders in the Google Drive.

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Another thing you can do is color-code by changing the page color of your actual document by going to File>Page Setup>Page Color. If you are someone who has multiple drafts of the same project, or projects with many types of documents (such as meeting notes, publications, etc.). You can change the color to correspond to a category (e.g yellow for drafts, orange for older drafts, or purple for meeting notes, etc.) so that you can visually comprehend your files from a folder view.

Creating Search Terms

Often times, it's easy to get lost or lose things in Google Drive, especially if you have a lot of documents. This can especially be a problem if you are working on something with many pieces or iterations. Check you these tips and guides for creating search terms and doing searches in Google Drive:

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Team Drives

Working on a group project? Hampshire College recently enabled Team Drives, which are essentially mini-Google Drives specifically for your group. This is especially useful for long-term group projects. Previously, groups might have used a shared folder created and owned by a group member, or project manager. With Team Drives, every group member "owns" the drive, and makes for less issues if documents need to be shared, edited, or passed on.

Check out this guide to setting up and using Team Drives:

Get started with Team Drives