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Google Drive Toolbox

How can you streamline the writing process with Google Drive?

Being a Hampshire student involves a lot of drafting, writing, re-writing, and editing. By working on your projects in the Drive, you can easily keep track of all of the different stages of your work, integrate your notes right into your writing, and create a writing environment that works for you all in one place. Check out these tips and tricks for making the writing process more smooth with Google Drive:

  • Optimize Your Writing Environment
  • Speech to Text Support
  • Integrate Notes and Make Writing Flexible with Google Keep

Optimize Writing Environment

Optimize your writing environment by making adjustments to your document.

  • Changing the page color to a soft pastel color can help with having to stare at a bright white screen! Go to File>Page Setup>Page Color
  • You can also change the margins and orientation of the document in this screen to optimize screen space
  • Go Full Screen for distraction-free writing with View>Full Screen

Speech to Text

Google Drive has dictation support within Google Docs so you can easily convert your ideas to paper with speech to text technology. Check out these tutorials on how to set up and use this function:

Type with your voice

How to use voice dictation in Google Docs

Easily Integrate Your Notes

Sometimes when you're writing, it's hard to switch back and forth between your notes and your paper. Google Keep offers easy integration by allowing you to open your notes on the page of your document itself with a search and sorting function to help you easily find what you're looking for. When you record something in Google Keep, you can easily drag and drop it directly from Keep into your document. This is useful for:

  • Quotes that you use often, or in multiple places. Simply save the quote and/or citation, and drop it into your document when you need it
  • When you need to cut an idea from a paper, but don't necessarily want to scrap it: save it and keep, and use that segment later! This is especially useful for long-term projects like a Division III
  • On the go notes: Google Keep has mobile app support, so when inspiration hits, simply record it (wherever you are), and drop it into the relevant document later!

Check out these useful tutorials on how to set up and use Google Keep:

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