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White Supremacy in the Age of Trump

A Primer for Faculty, Staff, and Students

This resource guide was created using suggested readings and other resources from Loretta Ross's course "White Supremacy in the Age of Trump," which she is teaching at Hampshire College from Fall 2017 through Spring 2018. Library staff collaborated with Loretta to make sure that these resources are available and accessible to the Hampshire College community.

To the left you will find some other pages of related events that these conversations have sparked here at Hampshire College, such as a panel examining antisemitic hate speech, and a faculty/staff reading group on topics of white supremacy and racism.

Please email library staff at if you have questions or suggestions for additions to this guide.



  • Link to a list of videos by Rev. William J. Barber, many in response to the events of Charlottesville.


Short film with archival footage from a Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden, NYC, 1939. Link to the accompanying article in the Atlantic Monthly.

News, Magazine Articles, Blogs, etc. (under construction, check back for more)

  • Baker, Carrie. (September 26, 2017). "Civil rights wronged." Ms. Magazine Blog [link to article].

  • Collins, Donald Earl. (August 16, 2017). "Have Black historians been wrong all along?" Al Jazeera US. [link to op-ed piece].

  • Giroux, Henry. (March 22, 2017). "The culture of cruelty in Trump's America." Truthout. [link to op-ed piece].

  • Jones, Ja'han. (September 14, 2017). "Calling out white supremacy comes with consequences for Black Folks." Huffington Post. [link to article].

  • Kivel, Paul (1999). "Young white men: scared, entitled, and cynical." [link to essay].

  • Pedro-Carañana, Joan. (n.d.) "The menace of Trump and the new authoritarianism: an interview with Henry Giroux." Truthdig [link to interview].

  • Ward, Eric. (Summer 2017). "Skin in the game: how antisemitism animates white nationalism." The Public Eye Magazine [link to article].

  • Schmidt, Jalane. (June 27, 2017). "Lessons from Charlottesville on the 'kkk' and 'alt-right'." Medium. [link to article].

  • Shimunov, Rafael. (September 16, 2017). "Nazis start #gasthesynagogue in reaction to St. Louis Jews shielding protestors from police." Medium. [link to article].

  • Zeskind, Leonard. (August 16, 2017). “Standing at the crossroads: an analysis of events in Charlottesville, VA.” Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. [link to blog entry].

Scholarly Journal Articles

List of scholarly articles, reports and book chapters in Google Scholar for the following search terms: white supremacy and (racism or sexism or antisemitism)

List of scholarly articles (and more) in the HC Library's Discover Search for the following search terms: ("white supremac*" OR alt-right OR nazi*) AND (masculin* OR racis* OR sexis* OR antisemit*)