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Zotero Student Guide: Citation and Bibliography Generation

Zotero basics!

Citation and Bibliography Generation

One of Zotero's most useful functions is its ability to save bibliographic data directly from the internet, and then automatically generate bibliographies. If the bibliographic metadata is saved to the library entry, Generating a bibliography can be as simple as clicking a button. There are two ways to generate Zotero Bibliographies

A general guide for bibliographic generation is also available.

Click and Drag:

The simplest way to generate a bibliography using Zotero is by clicking and dragging the entries you want to cite from your Zotero window into a text field. An alphabetized bibliography will then be generated in your last used citation style in the desired field.

Right Click Copy/Export:

The next simplest way to generate a bibliography using Zotero is by right-clicking the desired entries in your library, clicking "Create Bibliography from Items", selecting the appropriate citation style, output mode (Notes/Bibliography), and then copying to your clipboard for copy/pasting into a document.

Word Processor Integration:

Zotero plugins can be integrated directly into your word processor (Microsoft Word, LibreOffice). Zotero should automatically integrate with Microsoft word and LibreOffice.

Google Docs Integration:

Google Docs now offers integrated Zotero support for all browser based writing and citing. Works similarly to word processor integration.

Zotero Citation Guides: