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Video Production Equipment

Canon 60D and 70D DSLR Camera

Canon 60D and Canon 70D are our intermediate-level DSLR photo/video cameras. Students interested in borrowing this camera must be enrolled in a Film Photo Video (FPV) Course or working with FPV faculty on their independent work.

These items are in every kit:
- 1 Canon 60D (or 70D) DSLR Camera
- 1 Lens (usually a 18mm - 135mm zoom)
- 1 Pelican 1500 Case (grey) with cushioning foam
- 1 AC battery Charger
- 2 LP-E6 Batteries
- 1 32 GB 90MB/s U3 Class 10 SD card

Camera will not be checked in until all items are present and in good order, like below:

Both Canon 60D and 70D Cameras must circulate with lens caps to protect their lenses. 

Each Canon 60D or 70D camera kit should circulate with two LP-E6 batteries - one in the camera and the extra one with this protective battery cap. 

This is the 32 GB 90MB/s U3 Class 10 SD card, it will be inside the camera. Remember to get all of your footage off the camera before you return it - we try to wipe cards upon every return. To make your life easier, it is always wise to FORMAT the SD Card from any camera / recorder that you check out from us before you shoot or record any new material.