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Div III Library Toolkit: Getting started on your Div III

Welcome to your Div III!

This resource guide is meant to help you along the way with your DIV III project, whether you're writing a thesis-length research paper or work(s) of fiction, creating a body of artwork or directing a film, starting a business, raising heritage-breed livestock, or any of the other myriad forms your Div III can take!

At any point along the way, librarians are available to help you figure out what types of sources you'll need to best back up your own research or inform your practice, help you access materials from other libraries, plan your strategy, or get you started using tools such as Zotero to stay organized.


Be sure to check out the Div III @ Hamp blog which has lots of great resources (including funding resources) and updates.  

Getting Started with your Div III

Questions to help develop your research question

  • What are you interested in learning/doing/focusing on?
    • It can help to write down (or talk through with a friend or advisor) the story of how you became interested in this, think about or jot down lots of different ways to phrase your topic, and do some background reading so you find out some of the common jargon and concepts being used by other experts on the topic.
  • What is it about this topic or combination of ideas that you want to learn more about, examine, find out, or demonstrate?
  • What do you want to share with the world? What do you want to help your audience understand? What do you hope will be the outcome of all this hard work?

Guides to help you develop research questions

The Craft of Research (book)

"Topic to Question" Guide for CSI 204

Developing a Research Question - Guide for International Research students at Tufts, but still generally relevant. The overview of types of questions is particularly helpful.

Formulating a Research Question (PDF) - Guide from the KU Libraries

Research Tips and Tricks

Doing research online, but off-campus? Make sure you start from so the library databases can tell that you're affiliated with Hampshire! That way you'll get the most full-text access to articles.

Are you using the library databases but you still can't get a PDF of that article you really need? Don't forget that you can request books and articles from far beyond the Five Colleges through our nationwide Interlibrary Loan service!