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Therapeutic Writing

Check out the research behind the healing qualities of writing, and try it out for yourself.

Memoir, Personal Narrative, & Lyric Essay

While some choose to keep personal writing private in journals or word documents, others choose to publish and publicize their personal narratives, sharing their pain, what they've learned from it, and the beautiful things they've found along the way.

While these writers may not categorize these works as "Expressive Writing", personal narrative essentially serves as the creative writing version of expressive writing. Both turn personal memories, perhaps traumatic ones, once fragmented, into complete, flowing narratives.

Also included here are lyric essays, which are often amalgamations of poetry, essay, memoir and research. Writing a lyric essay can serve to help you integrate everything you know and think into one piece, without regard for the confines of rigid structure.


"Bluets" by Maggie Nelson

Memoir + Personal Essay

Lyric Essay

The lyric essay is a newer form of writing involving the intermingling of poetry and essay. It can be a highly satisfying genre to read and write for those looking to stretch boundaries, and reflect on one's personal relationship to the world around.