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Transitioning to College

This guide is here to help you explore common challenges in the transition from high school to college, and to provide tools to help you thrive.


   A Div is a person, a process, and a product. Hampshire provides its students with the opportunity to completely embody a learning experience. Whatever you want to know, you can explore, and build something from that experience. You will learn from the doing, the being, and the thing you created.

   One of the biggest barriers to the creative process is anxiety and self doubt. There comes a time in most children's lives when they start to become self-conscious of their art, comparing it to the work of their peers. For some, this creates more drive, for others, it is a reason to stop. 

   A critical step in moving forward with creativity is setting creative goals. This means getting in the habit of doing the work that matters to you and developing the skills to work through any problems you encounter. Want to write a book, produce a film, or travel the world? Meet with HLP staff to learn about how to set and keep habits that make you feel successful.

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Time Management

   One of the most common things students come to OARS for is time management support. Almost everyone feels like they could manage their time more efficently. Within time management, there are some key ideas we can to delve into.

   Scheduling is how you manage your day to day. What are you using to keep track of your life? Your brain? A paper planner? A wall calendar? A Google or phone calendar? A great starting place is to reflect on what you do now, and ask what your current method is missing. The second layer of time management is project planning. This is how you organize and tackle short and long term projects. Check out our Time Management Guide to learn more on this topic or come to Holistic Learning Program drop ins and we can break things down together.

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