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Cintiq Tablet Guide

A quick tutorial on how to use the Cintiq Wacom tablet in B7 of the Library Media Labs

It's not working!

> My brush strokes are too transparent / not opaque enough / too small

  • Check the flow and stroke settings in the program you are using. These settings override the system tablet settings. See Setting the Pen Pressure
  • Make sure you are using the Pen side of the Stylus, and that the Pen is set to act like a pen. See Customizing Controls: Stylus


> The remote is not working


> The Cintiq is not displaying the screen I want

  • This station is set up to display two different screens at once: One on the large 4K screen, and one on the smaller screen. The Cintiq will mirror the display of the smaller screen automatically. You can choose to mirror the display of the larger screen but the screen dimensions are different from both the smaller screen and the Cintiq, so you may experience some strange scaling. This is not advised.


> Some of the buttons I've set to serve certain functions (eg. zoom in/out) aren't working in the program I'm using

  • Depending on the program you are using (like some free drawing software), it may or may not have the ability to register the command as what you set it to. In most cases, if there is a key shortcut for a command (eg. CTRL + Z for Undo) you can set the button to that key command without a problem.