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Animation Stand Guide (B5)

A guide on how to use the Animation / Large Document Digitization Station

Turn it On


  • Find the power strip to the left of the Animation Stand
  • Flip the red power button on



This will turn the lights and camera on



By default, the Animation Stand is connected to the B5B Macintosh, but can be switched to the B5A PC


  • If you want to change stations, find the labeled USB and plug it into the USB port on the other computer

Setting up the camera


  • Turn the small black knob on the camera to ON if it is not already on  (blue arrow)
  • Make sure this knob is not switched to the Video setting, above the ON setting.


  • Set the camera mode to M (Manual) by twisting the wheel until the M option lines up with the small white line  (yellow arrow)


If there is another shooting mode you prefer, feel free to use it, but return the settings back to the default when you are done.


  • Set the focus to Manual Focus if it is not already set to manual  (MF: Manual Focus, AF: Auto Focus)


This way you can use the computer to control the camera's functions


  • Adjust the distance of the camera to the image by holding the camera with one hand and loosening the maroon knob with the other



You can now raise the camera up and down; closer to or farther away from your image


  • Use the 3 black knobs around the camera to adjust the alignment and rotation of the shot