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Beginner's Guide to Adobe Premiere

This resource guide is a beginner's tutorial to using Adobe Premiere, which is downloaded on every computer in the Library Media Labs as well as in the Jerome Liebling Center Computer Labs.

Finishing Up


If you are seeing red at the top of your timeline above your clips you will need to render. You can do this before or during exporting. You may want to render your project to see your effects in full capacity. When your clips aren't rendered, the effects can come out looking a little choppy or unfinished. 

Move the cursor to the point you want to select for your "In" point by pressing "I" on your keyboard when the timeline is selected. Move the cursor to the point you want to select for your "Out" point by pressing "O" on your keyboard. 

Then you can render to your in and out points. If you want everything rendered, you do not have to select an in and out point, the beginning and end of your sequence will be selected automatically. 

Your rendered sequence will now have a green bar at the top of your timeline when it is all done rendering. 


It is important to "Save As" your project to save the name and where it will be saved. Then either press Cmd and S to save or "Save All" periodically while editing. If your project shuts down unexpectedly, there is an auto-save folder saved along with your other project folders where you can restore a saved version of the project.  


Go to File>Export>Media to export your project as a file. 


This is the media export window that will appear after you click to export. This will export the sequence you were on. You can make a queue of sequences you'd like to export, when you click "Queue" at the bottom. 


You can select more about your export source, seeing from the options pictured. Entire sequence, Sequence In/Out, Work Area, or a Custom source.  


Depending on your project, you may want the format, preset, and video and audio codecs to be a different way. For exporting your project as your final file, we recommend using H.264 as the video format and codec, and AAC as the audio format and codec, and use "Match Source" as your preset. When you select H.264, those settings will set automatically so you only have to choose H.264. 


You can select "Use Maximum Render Quality" if you want better quality. Be mindful that the exporting process will take longer, however.