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MPEG Streamclip: Learn About The Essential Encoder/Converter/Compressor for Video Editing!

If you are working with mixed video formats, we recommend you use MPEG Streamclip to get all your files exported into a homogenized format.

Exporting One Video

Step 1. Open the application MPEG Streamclip, and drag your video file into the box with blue dots. 


Step 2. Go to File>Export to Quicktime


Step 3.  Change the compression to Apple ProRes 422 and drag the quality to %100. 


If you are digitizing a video tape, it is NOT progressive and you can choose to deinterlace your footage. Choose your frame size accordingly to your video. 


Deinterlacing before and after


Step 4. Wait for your video to be done exporting and then you are all finished!

Exporting Multiple Videos

If you would like to export multiple videos at one time, you can create a batch list. This allows you to add videos to a list to export with all the same settings. 


Click the add files button to add your videos to the list.