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Recording Phone Interviews in the Sound Booth

This resource guide will show you how to record phone interviews in the sound booth of the Library Media Labs in B5!


All the phone numbers at Hampshire College start with (413) - 559.

Therefore, this phone number is (413) - 559 - 6236. 

Any time you dial a Hampshire phone number, all you need to dial are the last 4 digits.

Any time you dial a local 413 number, all you need to dial are the last 7 digits.

All other phone numbers, you must dial the number 9 before dialing the phone number. 


Push the speaker button.


Adjust the microphone close to the phone speaker. 


Then open Audacity, GarageBand, Audition, ProTools, Logic, or whatever sound software you want to use to record your interview!

Make sure the device settings are set to the UMC U-Phoria Behringer Audio Interface because that is where the microphones are plugged into.