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Roos Rohde House Speaker System Guide

This guide will go through a step by step guide of how to use the speaker system in the Roos Rohde House.


Powering On:                                                       

You will be able to unlock the box of the mixer

if you know the 4-digit code.









The mixer must be turned on first (before the speakers)

and turned off last (after the speakers).

The reason for this is that you will hear a loud pop in the

speakers if turned on in the wrong order, potentially

causing damage to them.


Make sure the speaker switch is turned “OFF” on the

switch panel before turning on the mixer.

The switch panel can be found on the wall near the

mixed nuts register and four outside doors.



The “ON” switch is on the back of the mixer 


The speakers are located on the beams above each bathroom. 


The light switch located on the wall closest to the 4 outside doors, will allow you to switch on the speakers. 

So remember to make sure the mixer is turned ON before you turn ON the speakers, and that the speakers are turned OFF before turning OFF the mixer!