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How To: Electronic Paper Cutter

This guide will go over how to use the digital paper cutter using the sure cuts a lot software.

Getting Started

  • Loosen gold screw so you can release the blade.                       

  • Loosen gold ring on the blade and then slowly twist the bottom screw to set the blade 


  • NOTE: You must set the blade so that you can barely see it, as it is cutting things that are very thin. If the blade protrudes out too much, it will rip the paper up and slice up the cutting mat. 

                                             ​WRONG                                                            RIGHT


  • After you set the blade, tighten the gold ring so it locks it in place, put the blade back in with the blade facing down, then tighten the gold screw to secure the blade.  

  • Run a test first, to see whether you set the blade right, as it can often be hard to tell and setting it will be different for the types of material you are cutting. 
  • You can cut, regular paper, construction paper, cardstock, sticker paper, and even foam core and vinyl. 
  • In order to run a test first make sure you have enough of the type of material you want to cut 
  • Set the paper you want to cut to the bottom right corner of the mat and tape it down with some blue tape. Make sure you do not extend the tape too far, as it might get cut with your paper.


  • The three buttons on the right, the power button, the start/pause button, and the cancel button are the basic buttons to use for printing

  • Pull up the Sure Cuts A Lot Software on computer B5B