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Images: image search engines

resources for finding visual information (as opposed to text-based or language-based information) such as images and moving images.

Image Search Engines

Search Engines

  • Google Image Advanced Search The Google search engine, limited to images.
  • Goode Image search by uploading an image Reverse image search
  • AltaVista Image Search Can limit searches to photos, graphics, buttons/banners, color or black/white. Nice results display.
  • Fast Can limit results to .jpg, .gif, .bmp, color, grayscale, or line art. Click on <images> in the pulldown menu.
  • Imagebase Lots of high-quality, somewhat random images. Search or browse categories such as transportation and Appalachian cultural history. From Virginia Tech.
  • ImageFinder Provides search boxes for architectural images, the Berkeley Digital Library, the Library of Congress, NASA, the Smithsonian, and others. This is a fabulous collection of image databases.
  • Picsearch Search for images (by size and color) and animations. Family filter is on by default and can't be disabled.