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Seed Lending Library

Where to Start: Choosing Seeds to Borrow, Grow, and Return

The HC Seed Lending Library is organized into three categories: Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. This refers to the skill needed to save the seed, not the difficulty of growing the plant itself.

The Seed Lending Library currently only has "Easy" seeds available. As we continue to grow, look for more seeds of varying difficulties!

Seeds Labeled "Easy" are a great place to start. These seeds will produce plants just like the ones you planted without any special effort.

The seeds labeled "Intermediate" or "Advanced" require special planning to ensure that the seeds that you harvest from these plants are true-to-type - meaning - you need to take extra steps to make sure that the seeds of the plant you're growing don't get pollinated by another plant, which may yield a hybrid, sterile, or inedible plant in just one generation. Please only borrow "Intermediate" or "Advanced" seeds after you have learned about isolating plants to prevent cross-pollination.