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Faculty Resource Guide

The Library is Here for You

For a library this size, the collections here at Hampshire College Library are pretty interesting! The books upstairs in the stacks (2nd and 3rd floors) directly reflect what has been taught at Hampshire over the years, and our special collections and archives highlight the work of faculty and the history of the college.

Additionally, you have the resources of all Five Colleges at your disposal. You can visit their archives (and get a hint at what's on offer through their finding aids and digital collections), access some of their electronic resources (depending on their licensing), and request books or visit the libraries to wander through their stacks.

We also want to hear about it if you write a book! No promises of course as funds are limited, but we try to keep up with faculty publications and if it's something that would add to the curriculum here at Hampshire, we will often purchase it.

Accessing materials for your own research

Scholarly Publications & Open Access