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Epson Scanners Guide

A simple guide to using the scanners in the Media Labs

Using a Mac



  • Find the ON/OFF switch on the right-hand side of the scanner



  • Open System Preferences from the apple in the top left corner
  • Click 'Printers & Scanners'



  • Find the Epson scanner and click Open Scanner
  • You can choose where to save from the dropdown menu

Using a PC



  • Open the program "EPSON SCAN" to begin



Edit these preferences under 'Original' to match the settings to the document you want to scan.

Scan an Image


  • Place the side of the document you want to scan face-down onto the scanner


  • Place the document along the side of the scanner labeled 'A', with the top side along the front of the scanner.



  • Gently close the top of the scanner onto the document


  • Press 'Preview' to see how your document will look when it is scanned before scanning.


  • Press 'Scan' to scan your document