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Epson Scanners Guide

A simple guide to using the scanners in the Media Labs

Document Properties

Under 'Original', you can select Document Type and Source from the dropdown menus to match your actual document properties.

Under 'Destination', you can choose to either scan in color or in black and white.




To better understand the Epson Image Types and which settings will be best for your document, visit this link:

Saving your Scan

After choosing to scan an image, the File Save Settings prompt window will appear


  • Click 'Browse' to choose where the scanned image will be saved


  • Name the document file in the 'Prefix' text box
    • The Prefix will allow you to scan multiple images without having to name each one separately. Instead, the program will automatically start the file name with the chosen prefix followed by a number (that you can specify).



  • Under 'Image Format', select the file type that you would like to save your image as from the drop down menu next to 'Type'



If you are unsure which file type to save your scan as, save it as a JPEG. JPEGs are compressed but still retain high quality and preserve color better than some other file types.


The finished scan without edits, named ' cover025 '