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How To: 3D Printing in B5

A guide on using the UP Mini 3D Printer and bringing a 3D model into the UP Studio software in the B5 lab of the Library Media Labs.

Turn it On


  • Turn the UP Mini 3D Printer ON with the small power switch in the back towards the bottom


  • Turn on the B5D PC Computer that is next to the 3D Printer


  • Make sure the black printing board (in the 3D printer) is clean before printing


  • The largest that a single print object can be is 6x6''

Setting Up the Station


  • Make sure the white ABS (printing material) string is not twisted or at an angle while using the printer



  • IMPORTANT: Always check the printer's temperature reading on the LED screen before touching anything inside of the printer


  • Press Initialize, then Confirm on the LED screen on the front of the printer if the printer is idle. If the printer is not idle, press and hold the initialization button (indicated by a flashing LED light) on the side of the printer. This will initiate the heating process


  • Students SHOULD NOT change any of the settings on the printer

Printing with Other Materials


The UP Mini is compatible with ABS and PLA.

If you want to use a different type of material than ABS, reach out to John Bruner (Media Labs Manager) to make arrangements.


If you want to use even more kinds of material, you can pay to print with the FormLabs 3D printer. Reach out to John Bruner to get started. Price depends on material, density, and size.

FormLabs 3D Printer Resource Guide Coming Soon...