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How To: 3D Printing in B5

A guide on using the UP Mini 3D Printer and bringing a 3D model into the UP Studio software in the B5 lab of the Library Media Labs.

Creating the 3D Model


There are a number of programs and applications for creating 3D models, objects and figures. Maya, Blender, and ZBrush are all available programs in the Media Labs.


The Media Labs also have a 3D scanner that you can use to bring a real object into the 3-Dimensional plane. After scanning, you can manipulate the 3D object within a software, and then print it. 




Faculty to Connect With

The faculty and staff to connect with in learning how to create 3D models

Chris Perry

Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences (CS)
Adele Simmons Hall 215

John Slepian

Dean of Interdisciplinary Arts, Five College Associate Professor of Art and Technology (IA)
Writing Resource Center

John Bruner

Advanced Media Coordinator
Library Media Labs (Level B)