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Audio Equipment: Audio Equipment

Audio Equipment

Media Services circulates Audio Equipment - digital audio recorders, speakers, amplifiers, microphones - to community members of all levels and experience. Some restrictions may apply and/or require additional training time and Staff approval. 

Menu to the left has info about each piece of equipment that we loan.

Equipment Care and Liability
Do not expose equipment to extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, or violent shock.  
Always be gentle with equipment, never force anything. 
Always return equipment kit in the best condition, with all parts stowed away in their proper places, with cables wound neatly. 
You are 100% financially responsible for any equipment that you have checked out.  You will be billed for any loss, theft, or irresponsible misuse. 
If there is a problem, let Media Services Staff know. 
Loan policy resides on Equipment Loan Page.

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