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Photography Equipment: Analog Medium Format Cameras

Analog Medium Format Cameras

Analog Medium Format cameras shoot only on film. Students interested in borrowing this camera must be enrolled in a Film Photo Video (FPV) Course or working with FPV faculty on their independent work.

Details about the many cameras that we circulate are in the tabs above. 

We have Three 645 Medium Format Cameras Available

  • Mamiya 645
  • Pentax 645
  • Fuji 645

Pro Aspects of 645 Cameras

  • 15 shots per roll of 120
  • Internal light metered prism
  • Small, easily handheld 

Mamiya 645

Instructional Loading Video:

Pentax 645

Instructional Loading Video: (jump to 0:25)

Fuji 645

The Fuji 645 camera is essentially a medium format point-and-shoot set up. It it equip with auto focus and automatic light exposure metering.

Good for quick and on the go shooting.

Instructional Loading Video:


6 x 6 Cameras

  • Hasselblad 500c & 501c
  • Bronica 6 x 6 (current out of circulation)

Hasselblad 500c & 501c

Hasselblad are completely mechanical waist level viewfinder cameras. They do not have internal light metering prisms but are unarguably beautifully designed cameras. They are easily portable cameras good for tripod and handheld use.