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VHS Digitization Station

This guide will explain how to use the VHS digitization station on the first floor of the Library.

Digitizing a VHS Tape

Open Elgato Video Capture software


This window is the first that pops up, on here you can name the file and approximate the length to get an estimation of the file size. Click continue. 


Power VCR on and insert tape into VCR to test the video and audio connection. 


You will not have to change any settings on this next window. If you do not see your video, but the screen shows PLAY, STOP, REW, FF, it means that the video signal is coming through. Rewind or fast forward through to see video. Once you see your video you can click continue. 

If the screen says "No Signal" make sure the VCR is on, a tape is loaded, etc. Ask for someone's help in Media Services if the problem persists. 


Next is to test is the audio connection. This is best to test will the video is playing. If the bar is showing green it means the signal is detected.

If you can't hear the audio, make sure to turn the volume up on the computer if you would like to hear. You can turn the volume down or use headphones if you don't want to disturb other working in the library. 


Press STOP and REW on the VCR to rewind your video all the way to the beginning. You can start recording at any time by pressing the red button. 

By hovering over the bottom right corner of the video you can click the two arrows to make it full screen. 


Once the video finishes or you are satisfied with your recording you can press the red button again to stop recording. That will bring you to this window for the option of trimming your recording. 


The last step is finishing up, here it will show you where the files get saved so you can copy it onto a flash drive or hard drive. Then you can quit and you are all finished!


Want to learn how to deinterlace your videos? Check out this resource guide: Link