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VHS Digitization Station

This guide will explain how to use the VHS digitization station on the first floor of the Library.

Copying a DVD

Insert a DVD into the external disk drive. Press the button to release the tray and push it back in until it clicks. 


The disk should then appear on the desktop. DVD player may open automatically, you will need to quit if it does. 

Open Handbrake software. 


The open source window should pop up automatically. Select your DVD and click "Open."


The software will begin to scan the DVD. 


Once that finishes, you can change the settings, presets, format, etc. Nothing here is necessary to change. At the bottom of the window you can change the file name and where it is saved by clicking browse. 


Click the green play button to start encoding. You can also add things to a queue, you won't be able to copy multiple DVDs at once, but this software is also used to compress video files. 

The bottom tab will show you how far into the encoding process and an estimation of the encoding time there is left. 

You can stop or pause encoding. 


Once Handbrake is finished encoding it will notify you at the top right of the computer screen, so you can browse the web or do other things while Handbrake is encoding. The bottom tab will state that the encode finished. 

You can quit the application and copy the file onto your flash drive or hard drive and be done!