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EinScan 3D Scanner

3D Scanner in Library Media Production Labs; EinScan Pro

Getting Started

1.) Plug in main power source


2.) Plug camera cord into computer (must be USB 3)



  lak;sjdflk;ajskl;dfjalksjfl;kasj3.) Plug in camera into split-plug and back power strip


4.) Turn on monitor & turn on power button on front of computer


5.) Press F1 key when error screen appears

 1.) Put turntable on a flat surface

 2.) Plug in turntable to power strip behind stand

 (Two plugs, black and white)


Open software l;kasdjfklajsjlkghalkshflkajsdlkfjaslkdjflkasj Select "EinScan-Pro" on the left

Fixed scan on left if using tripod (recommended)                Select "Auto Scan (with turntable)" on right if using turntable (recommended)

Select "New Project"                                                           Save in a new folder in a place where you'll remember!

Choose texture scan or non-texture scan depending on what would best suit your project. Texture scans include detail and colors on the object’s surface, but create much larger files, which will take longer to scan and export. Non-texture scans are best for models that only need to use the object’s geometry, like 3D prints.