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How to Access E-Resources

All you need to know to get the most out of the e-resources that Hampshire and the Five Colleges have to offer!

What on earth is an e-resource?

E-resources or electronic resources are any library resources available to access digitally online, instead of physically in the library. At Hampshire. the most common e-resources you have access to are academic journals, books, and visual media such as films. Usually, in order to use these resources, you will be required to log in with your Hampshire username and password.

What e-resources can I use at Hampshire?

As a member of Hampshire College, you can access anything marked as a Hampshire or HC e-resource, as well as anything marked as a Five College or FC e-resource.

In a Discover search, you will most often which school an e-resource belongs to in the Location column, as seen below:

Screenshot of a search result in the Discover search with the Location column circled, emphasizing that the item is marked as a Five College or FC resource.

If the location is FC or HC, you have access to this resource!