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How to Access E-Resources

All you need to know to get the most out of the e-resources that Hampshire and the Five Colleges have to offer!

How do I connect to e-resources?

So how do you connect to an e-resource? Let's say that I'm researching Frida Kahlo, and I've found this book:

Screenshot of Frida Kahlo e-book in Discover search results.

Good news! It's an FC e-resource, so that means that I, a member of Hampshire College, can look at it! What next?

Same screenshot from above, emphasizing the location of the link to click to access the resource.

By clicking on "Hampshire: Link to resource" (or in some cases "Five Colleges: Link to resource"), you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your Hampshire login information, and after that...

Screenshot of the home page of the Frida Kahlo e-book.

We made it to the e-resource! From here, you can choose to read the book online, download a chapter, or virtually check-out the book, like you would with any other library book.