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Sound Booth Guide (B5)

A step-by-step guide on how to record using the equipment in the B5 Sound Booth

Step 2: Turn on the rack

Inside the V/O booth is the rack that controls the power for all of the equipment (monitor, microphones, lames, headphones, rack lights).


  • Flip the large red switch labeled 'POWER' on the top left of the front of the rack.


The Rack Lights

The rack has its own set of lights that you can turn on with the black switch on the opposite side of the rack as the red power button (labeled 'LIGHTS'). They are there mainly for allowing users to see the rack controls and settings easier.

! ) If you turn these lights on DO NOT push the cylinders that house the lights into the rack.

Step 3: Confirm display output signal

Inside the booth there is a small black box to the left of the monitor.

Use this box to change the output signal in the booth.

  • Press the 'OUT SELECT' button until the blue light corresponds with the station you are working with:

3 = PC (B5D)

4 = Mac (B5C)