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Sound Booth Guide (B5)

A step-by-step guide on how to record using the equipment in the B5 Sound Booth

Step 7: Set up the program's input and output

You will have to adjust the settings for whatever DAW / Audio editing software you decide to use.


Audacity is a relatively simple program to use and can be helpful for figuring out where something might be going wrong.

  • Open Audacity


There are two audio interfaces that correspond with the two workstations:

UMC404HD is connected to B5C (Mac)

BEHRINGER is connected to B5D (PC)


Make sure the program is connected to the right microphone/device by using the dropdown menus towards the top

There is a microphone icon for the input and a speaker icon for the output.


  • Change the input and output to UMC404HD if you are using Station B5C

This image only shows the output being changed


  • Change the input and output to BEHRINGER if you are using Station B5D

This image shows the input being changed. The output has already been changed