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Sound Booth Guide (B5)

A step-by-step guide on how to record using the equipment in the B5 Sound Booth

You MUST plug in all of the following:

  • The keyboard
  • The microphones
  • The headphones

Step 4: The Keyboard

Look on the table in the booth for the keyboard.


  • Plug the keyboard's (USB) cord into the Station C or Station D cords fastened to the top of the table.



This will allow you to use the booth's mouse and keyboard to control the station you are working from.

Step 5: The Microphones

You will find the plugs for the microphones hanging from the bottom left of the rack. All of the cords are labeled.


  • Find the cords labeled Mic 1 and Mic 2


  • Next find the 2 channel cords labeled for your station; either 'Station C Ch#1' and 'Station C Ch#2' (Mac), or 'Station D Ch#1' and 'Station D Ch#2' (PC).




  • Plug Mic 1 into your station's Channel 1 and Mic 2 into your station's Channel 2.


You can unplug the cords by holding down the metal tab at the connection and then pulling the cords apart.

Step 6: The Headphones

Look towards the right of the table to see the headphone jacks peeking out from underneath.


They are labeled for either Station B5C (Mac) of Station B5D (PC)

  • You can plug the booth headphones (labeled 'Headphone Amp', also located under the table) into the jacks


  • You can plug in your own headphones


This will allow you to hear your recordings inside the booth with headphones rather than the station's speakers.