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Studio G : How To Use the Space

A guide to using the equipment in the Studio G space and control room
Getting to Know the Audio Mixer


The Audio Mixer is going to control what the audience will hear during broadcast.

There are headphones available in the control room to allow up to four users to listen to the main audio channel live.


Click here to see how to turn on the Audio Mixer.



Audio Mixer Basics (45 sec)


"First you turn up the main, which is your main audio channel; if it's not on you're not going to hear anything. Then, usually you're gonna see the [volume] levels for each [channel]. If we play a [snippet] of audio - so right now you see this green is going up and down, that means it's receiving levels from one of the computers. if you go down the row you can know where it is coming from. so right now it is coming from the Skyper Mac. and if we turn it up, you should be able to hear it. And we can still change the audio even more, but this (the main audio channel levels) is what the people watching the screen will hear."