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Studio G : How To Use the Space

A guide to using the equipment in the Studio G space and control room
General Information

The B3 Studio (Studio G) is Hampshire's very own green screen and live broadcasting station. Access to Studio G is limited to Hampshire community members who have demonstrated an understanding of how to use the space and equipment.


Make sure you familiarize yourself with the Best Use Practices of the equipment of the studio to get the most out of your time.


If you are only interested in using the green screen and studio lights, please contact the lab manager to set up a monitored shoot date.

To view staffing information, click here.


Best Use Practices

General -

  • Familiarize yourself with all of the policies for space use before entering the space. You will be responsible / held accountable for what happens in the space while you are using it
  • Leave the space cleaner than you found it


Control Room -


Green Screen Cyclorama -

  • Do not put your feet on the walls and do not bang against them
  • If the wall is dented or marred, it will not key properly (remove the green color)
  • The only tape that should be used are temporary types, called "Painters Tape” or “Frog Tape”, so the tape will not remove paint when it is removed
  • Make sure the green screen is lit well/evenly or it will not key properly (remove the green color)
  • To see more information about the green screen, click here


Optical Cables

  • These optical cables are very fragile. They cannot be crimped, bent, or stepped on harshly or else they will be destroyed. Use care while using them.
  • If you do not need to use the studio cameras or optical cables, you can store the cables neatly underneath the window to the control room.
  • To see more information about the optical cables, click here


Teleprompter Screens/System -

  • The lens of the camera should be positioned directly above the teleprompter so that the talent appears to be looking into the camera
  • Using a crew member or the talent who is reading to scroll through the text will make it easier to accommodate mistakes while reading
  • To see more information about using the teleprompter system, click here


Studio Lights - 

  • Never leave lights on unattended
  • Be careful using the hot/halogen lights. They must ALWAYS be turned off after use, or if they are going to be left alone. Improper care for these lights could cause a fire. 
  • The halogen floor lights use a lot of electricity, so you cannot connect more than two at a time to a six-way power strip. More than not, if a power strip is 'tripped' they will not be able to be reset and will become useless
  • Make sure the green screen is lit well/evenly or it will not key properly
  • Turn off the fluorescent lights when trying to key or else the hanging lights will cast shadows below


Opening the Door to Studio G

In order to gain access to Studio G, you must be trained by an authorized Hampshire staff member. Once you have completed your training and have demonstrated an understanding of proper and best use practices, you will be added to the database and you able to use the Studio whenever you have it reserved on the blog.

Click here to see how to reserve a space in the Library Media Labs


The door to the Studio will open once you have sent an email (no subject or body necessary) to with your Hampshire or otherwise specified email address ONLY if your email has been added to the database by the labs manager. Wait for up to 90 seconds for the door to click and push the door open. The doorknob does not turn.

Upon unlocking the door, the 'On Air' sign above the Studio G plaque will illuminate.



You will be responsible for the condition of the Studio spaces while you are using it, so make sure to take care of the equipment and leave the space cleaner than you found it.

Library Media Labs Staff


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Advanced Media Coordinator / Media Labs Manager

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