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Studio G : How To Use the Space

A guide to using the equipment in the Studio G space and control room
Using the Teleprompter Screens & Computer

The teleprompter screens are attached to the tripods of the Blackmagic studio cameras.

They can all connect to the teleprompter computer.

You can use the teleprompter screens and computer how you would like to suit your project, but be aware that this computer does not connect to the internet, so anything that is not already on the computer must be brought on a thumb drive or similar file storage device.



  • Plug in the teleprompter screen's black power cable into a power source




  • Plug the blue teleprompter video (VGA) cable into one of the three Video Out ports in the back of the computer cart (either left or right side)


  • It won't matter which teleprompter screen you plug into which Video Out port. All screens will act as a mirrored or separate display (depending on your preferences)


  • Do not unplug the other cables, such as the ones plugged into Video In




These plugs have adapters on them that SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED from the VGA cord




  • Locate the power strip plug attached to the teleprompter computer cart. Plug it into an orange power cord





  • Turn on the computer. Use the 'Lab Guest' account unless you have been authorized to use another





You can choose to mirror the display of the screen or use the computer screen and the teleprompter as separate displays. We recommend 

  • Use a word processor to enter your text as it will be seen by your talent. Use your mouse to manually scroll down the text as it's being read



Connecting with Someone via Skype, Live

The SkyperMac and Skyping system is set up to allow the subject being shot to see and hear the call without audio feedback.

In order for this to work, users who want to hear the Skype audio must be wearing earbuds so that the speakers do not create feedback into the studio microphones. There are small FM radios available in the control room that allow users to set the Skype audio to a particular station, and any user who wants to listen will tune-in on their device to that frequency. 


The SkyperMac Audio Mixer works separately but in conjunction with the Main Audio Mixer.