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Studio G : How To Use the Space

A guide to using the equipment in the Studio G space and control room
The Green Screen Cyclorama: General Information

The Green Screen is for a special effects process known as “Keying”. The cyclorama was created with rounded edges to minimize shadows that would affect the keying process.


It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not mar the wall. DO NOT STAND ON THE CURVE OF THE CYCLORAMA. It is not made out of material that will support the weight of a person or a piece of equipment.



For more Best Use Practices for using the green screen and keying, click here


Users have the ability to use backdrops other than the green screen in the studio. For more information, click here

Keying: General Information

Keying involves shooting the subject in front of the green wall, then using hardware or software to remove that color. Any color can be ‘keyed’, green is used because it is least likely to occur within the subject. Transparent objects, fuzzy hair, or fur, and highly reflective objects such as chrome or mirror are difficult to key. If you are shooting a subject for keying out the green wall, make certain there is no green in your subjects clothing or skin (unless you are attempting to remove that section deliberately).


The secret to a good ‘key’ is a brightly and evenly lit background. Usually the best results are obtained by a combination of hanging lights and stand lights. These should be DIFFUSED by using the diffusion material provided in the Blue Boxes. Keep in mind that this diffusion material is just fire-resistant, not fire-proof. You generally connect diffusion and gels to the lights using the wooden clothespins also provided (in a smaller cardboard box). These are used to clip the diffusion to the “Barn Doors” attached to a light. A soft box is already diffused, and LED lights can be diffused using umbrellas and a number of other materials.


If you need help with the keying process during or post-production, get in contact with a Library Media Labs staff member.


Click here for information on how to key in real time using the video mixer in the control room.